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Zürich Switzerland - Opening - 4th Game - Prisonbreak
March 2017.

The Premiere! Prisonbreak officially opens its gates to all players at the beginning of March 2017! With this room we have 4 rooms operating simultaneously in Zürich.Thus teams of up to 24 players can enjoy the quests at the biggest rooms escape center of Switzerland the same time! Make your booking now!

Bern Switzerland - Opening - 3 Games
Autumn 2016.

Our brand new unit an der Loryplatz in Bern has opened its gates (entrance from the Zwyssigstrasse)! We await teams on more 280 squaremeters, currently with 3 games! Make your booking now!

New location in Zürich Opened
21st of Marc, 2016: Zürich, Switzerland
Our brand new unit in Wiedikon Zürich has opened its gates! We await teams on more than 300 squaremeters, with 4 games! Make your booking now!

Riga - Opened!
3 August, 2015: Riga, Latvia
Our brand new unit close to the center in the trendy area of Briana has opened its gates with 3 escape rooms. Make your booking now!

Vilnius - Opened!
1 July, 2015: Vilnius, Lithuania
Our brand new unit in the heart of Vilnius has opened its gates with 5 escape rooms. Make your booking now!

3rd track in Zürich - opened

The brand new room escape track - Garage - has opened its gates in Zürich. Check out our promo video and make your booking now:


LEG to go to Riga
6 Feb, 2015: Riga, Latvia

LEG to go to Latvia! Another station on our “Baltic tour” has signed up to be part of the growing LEG family. Riga, with 4 tracks, is expected to be opened in April/ May 2015. Get ready folks, this year is gonna be exciting!

3rd Track in Zürich

21 Jan, 2015: Zürich, Switzerland

Soon 3 tracks in Zürich! Today, we’ve started putting our ideas into practice and are currently building our 3rd track in Zurich!
Planned opening in late March/ early April, 2015. The track will be yet again brand new, more details on the theme will follow soon…

LEG to go to Vilnius
18 Dec, 2014: Vilnius, Lithuania

LEG to go to Lithuania! Today we signed up for a fantastic location in Vilnius. Planned opening in April 2015. Lithuanian escapers, get ready, 5 tracks and 400 square meters awaits you in the middle of Vilnius’ downtown!

New Location in Zurich
6 October, 2014. Zürich, Switzerland

The gates to our brand new location in Zürich are open! After 3 months of intensive building and testing of our brand new tracks, we are finally opening them. The new location features 2 brand new room escape tracks, “Steps” and “The 1 Million Case” on 240 square meters in Oerlikon, Zürich.
Our first 2 escape games in Zürich are now closed, but of course we have plans for them in the future too. Tiktak and Cinemania will certainly pop-up in the near future in new locations around Europe.

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