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General Information

пожалуйста выберите Looking for some fun-time with friends, families, colleagues? Something other than the usual bars, movies and the like? Check out then the new fun in town, live escape game!
The door closes behind you, you are locked in. The time is ticking, you have 6o minutes left...your goal is simple: get out in time! You need to find hidden clues, solve mysteries and riddles to get out.
Live escape game is designed for groups from as little as 2 players up to 10 or even more. It requires no special skills or knowledge to solve. It is about logic, fun and team spirit. Are you game?

The rules are simple: you are locked inside the game area for 60 minutes and all you need is to get out in time! The game is designed so that any team with a bit of creativity, good ideas and logic can escape. It requires no special skills or knowledge to solve. During the game you will have to find the right clues, think outside the box, solve riddles, figure out lock combinations and work well as a team!

The combination of limited time, confined space and the need to think outside the box will create a unique atmosphere around you. The experience will fully engage you, which you will not forget...

The game is a mystery, all hints and clues have a meaning, or may be not...? Let the rest stay secret for you to come and find out...Are you game? 


Game Tracks

Currently there are 4 completely different game tracks of live escape game (at the moment 2 of the 4 tracks are open, for actual information on availability please check the information below). New games are under development continuously and are planned to be launched every 6-12 months.
As secrecy and mystery plays an important role in the game, we can only share some basics about the games, the rest should stay a secret for you to find out ;-)

The 1 Million Case - new! As of October 2014, in "Zürich New" location
Search for your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve a mystery robbery with your team. Your way to success is naturally going to be filled with many unexpected challenges, so do not leave your creative energies at home :-). Team size: 2-6 players.

Steps - new! As of October 2014, in "Zürich New" location
Steps - magic steps, physical steps? You will need to think out of the box, and use steps in many ways to solve unexpected riddles and mysteries. Are you ready to find out the right steps to solve this track full of mysteries? Team size: 2-6 players.

Tiktak - currently closed, re-opening in Summer 2015.
Tik-tak, tik-tak, the clock is ticking. This track revolves around time and watches, can you beat the time to get out in time? Team size: 2-5 players.

Cinemania - currently closed, re-opening in Summer 2015.
In this track you will solve riddles related to movies and cinema, but no worries if you do not know anything about movies. You will still surely solve all the mysteries and riddles of this track :-), since as always no special skills, or knowledge is needed to solve the tracks of live escape game. Team size: 2-5 players.

We wish you a lot of fun!

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