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A tiny time-travelling – in other words: How it all started with the first Escape Room in Switzerland?

  • Post published:18/12/2022
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A lot of things can happen so fast with people, corporations, companies during the years and it is always a nice thing to look back in time and remember, how we became those „creatures“ we are at the moment. Live Escape Game Schweiz GmbH is also a dream of people which was made come true and still stands on it‘s LEGs 😉 stable while it is constantly evolving with the market and innovation. Let’s have a quick summary, how it all started with us, please stay for the next few paragraphs. Also pay attention, because we might have a question to you in the future.

In July 2012 came the idea to our mind, why not bring escape games to Switzerland as there is no other yet in the country and not widespread in Europe either. Soon after that, during the coming autumn we started with the kick-off of the project focusing on the website, riddle developments, and searching for the proper location.

We have found our first location in Zürich, Oerlikon in February, 2013. Right after that we started with the contructions for 2 games: Cinemania and Tik-Tak. Testgames began in Juni and grand opening took place in July. At that time we are still the one out of 2 escape games provider in Switzerland – the only one in Central- and East Switzerland. In Autumn, 2013 we got the first place on Tripadvisor beyond sightseeing offers in Zürich already 6 weeks after the grand opening. Numerous media reported about us during these times, e.g. newlyswissed, Teletop TV-channel, Radio1 channel, etc.

In 2014 we have changed the location and designed two more escape rooms (total of 4 rooms were already available), still in Oerlikon on 280 sqm. 1 Million Case and Steps are still in the supply.

In 2015 we have expanded the games to the Baltics, two more locations were opened in Riga and Vilnius with 8 rooms and with more than 500 sqm. We designed a new escape room in Zürich as well, Garage – which is also still available. For more information, click HERE.

The year of 2016 was almost as exciting as the foundation. We have relocated our rooms in Zürich Binz, Räffelstrasse with more than 310 sqm – which means that we have still the biggest escape room venue in Zürich. All games for newly rebuilt, redesigned, developed. In the same year we have opened our next venue in Bern with 3 games on 300 sqm. Steps, Garage and 1 Million Case were those, which we brought there.

After a short rest in 2017, we designed a new game in Zürich in 2018, Prison, which you can more read about HERE.

2019 gave us another game also designed in Zürich, Ravens of London – click HERE to find out more.

However, unfortunately 2020 was influenced mostly by COVID-19 for all of us, we were not idle – preparations are always hard for a new location with completely different riddles and design. But we managed to stay at the top and made big progress with Tropenhaus Frutigen for our newest games – The lost temple (INFO) and The stolen power of God (INFO), which were opened in April, 2021 with high interest of customers and big success. And we do not stop here – we are still doing our best to provide the greatest escape game service for our customers – Prison and 1MCase are completely renovated and updated already in Zürich.