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  • Post published:18/08/2022
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Room Escape Game Events at Live Escape Game – as a team building program.

Nowadays, more and more popular live escape games are top favorite activity for companies, clubs or between students and friends. More than 70 people can participate as part of a team building program in Live Escape Game Zürich and Bern and Frutigen. All three venues are well located: they can be easily reached by public transport or by car, and parking conditions are available in the nearby public car parks.

But why are escape games so ideal as small team building measures?

The team size per game is two to six people, so everyone has a lot of work to do with the mission with a collective effort. The numerous tasks in the games can only be solved through joint, coordinated work by several players, which increases teamwork.

The tasks are varied, so everyone has the opportunity to prove themselves in certain tasks.

There are no superordinate or subordinate relationships here, no hierarchies. In Room Escape games everyone works together and equally to complete the mission and escape in time.

The team experiences the deepest immersion, the “flow experience”, the players forget the reality because they immerse themselves in the task of solving the puzzles. This experience remains particularly intense in the team members even after the game and has a very good influence on future cooperation in the team.

The players are forged through the experience and the common challenge into a team.

Live Escape Game can offer a solution for a joint and exciting game at our three locations in Zürich, Bern and Frutigen for smaller groups of two to six players as well as for very large teams of 50 to 70 members. If not all players can play at the same time due to the size of the team, we recommend that our customers play in two to three rounds and combine the program with an aperitif or dinner. This team program is particularly suitable for companies and is popular with companies because it allows the experiences to be discussed even more deeply and teamwork and solidarity can be further strengthened.

In the past 9.5 years, more than 800 companies have played with us – many as returning, satisfied customers. We can proudly say that everyone gets their money”s worth with LEG Live Escape Game – regardless of whether it is a small or medium-sized company or a large corporation. Just to name a few of our satisfied customers: Google, Credit Suisse, Migros, SwissRE, the COOP Group, Migros, Lindt & Sprüngli, Facebook, oder die SBB.