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Breaking news at Live Escape Game Schweiz!

  • Post published:18/12/2022
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  1. We are delighted to announce that we will be presenting at the famous HeroFest in BERNEXPO, between 22-24 November 2019. You will be able to meet our team personally at HeroFest and get a deeper look into our games, puzzles, our history and future developments and more! But as you can expect from us, we aren’t going to stop there. We will launch two newly developed Pop Up Escape Rooms at HeroFest and are excited for those who visit us to take on the challenge and try to escape. Of course, we can’t tell you all of the details here just yet, so come and find out more in this live adventure about the five elements that many far-eastern cultures were based on. Bring all your knowledge to solve the quests of earth, water, wind and fire. You will have only 15 minutes, and maybe you’ll even discover the fifth element, void, representing those things beyond our everyday experience, and all those things made of pure energy. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed! If you wish to find more excitement check out our special deals, promotions and offers as well – created exclusively for HeroFest… You can find more information about the event here:
  2. As some of you may have already noticed during your visit, we will soon open a new escape room at Live Escape Game Zurich, extending our offering to five games in Zurich. Those who already played with us know that our games always have an interesting and specific background story, design and riddles. With our fifth and newest room however, we’re going more grandiose and exclusive than ever before at Live Escape Game. We are so excited that we can’t hold back the news about this escape room: your mission will be to save the United Kingdom from its collapse. Well, it is not the Brexit, but a real collapse. The ravens of the Tower of London have disappeared, and as Charles II was warned, if the ravens go amiss, the crown and the Tower itself is sure to fall. You will need to find out what’s going on, with the investigation leading you to a very special bar: The Keys. A Pub that is reserved for the Yeomen Warders, or Beefeaters, only. But we’re sure they can make an exception if the Kingdom is on the line. This game will be for 18 years and up, as it can be a huge advantage if you like Gin. We have worked with Ricard – producer of Beefeater Gin – on the creation of this game, and maybe there’s even a small reward from them if you succeed in saving the crown. Cheers and see you soon on this mission!