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The secret to a successful breakout game is a good team

  • Post published:18/12/2022
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Who do you come to play with? Now we’ll reveal what types of people you need to get out in time!

In order to successfully overcome the obstacles in front of the escape rooms, there is an urgent need to think in a team and not alone to think of a solution. A good team is also the basis of a good gaming experience, as everything is easier together and the experiences can be shared within the team.


The success of a company depends on how effectively employees can work together, how well they adapt to each other, and how well they can fight together for a common goal. That’s why they take every opportunity to forge a good team of co-workers, and the escape rooms provide a great location for that.


In every human community, let it be a workplace or a group of friends, roughly similar group development processes take place. When more people end up in a place, in a similar life situation, some community consciousness automatically begins to develop there. This happens when someone first enters the school’s classroom in September, and even if they have to wait more time for example at a doctor’s office. In the emerging community, everyone strives to find their place and acquire the role they desire. It soon becomes clear who will be the leader and who will just follow the others. After a while, the norms of behavior that regulate the life and operation of the group develop, and if this is acceptable to everyone, they can work in a coordinated way for a common goal.


The tasks needs to be proceeded very quickly in an escape room, therefore it is essential to build up team unity quickly in the game. It is the easiest to separate to role of the leader of the team, who can decide in situations where multiple solution proposals arise. It is good to have only one leader, because if there are more bagpipes in the inn, it can cause the same embarrassment as not having a leader. It is important to have someone who pays attention to every little detail and there is nothing for him/her to overlook. He/She can pass on the information to others, which the team can group, evaluate to get closer to the solution. It’s good to have someone with the most of ideas and who constantly bombards other team members with opportunities. And last but not least, every team needs real community people who are however not central figures, yet everything goes more smoothly in their presence.


However, escape games are not usually characterized by bloody serious position fights for leadership. What is worth avoiding, however, is that players do not bring a troublemaker with them to the escape room, because it can not only impair performance, but also the gaming experience of others.